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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 16 Jul 2013

Using P2P applications, users connected to the BitTorrent network can easily share and download files from the web. Using FrostWire you can connect to the aforementioned BitTorrent network and using this P2P application you can share and download anything you want with other users. So to sum it up, FrostWire is a BitTorrent client that allows you to share files via P2P. It is a free and open source BitTorrent client, it must be mentioned.

FrostWire has been around since 2004. A fork of LimeWire, the application was initially released to the public in September 2004. At the time, FrostWire had a lot in common with LimeWire, in terms of both appearance and functionality. A lot has changed since then. As the FrostWire development process moved forward, support for Gnutells was dropped, support for BitTorrent was added, more and more handy features were added, and the application’s appearance got better and better.

FrostWire is available for multiple platforms: Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X (10.5 or later), Linux, Unix-based systems, and Android (2.1 or newer).
The system requirements for running the application on a PC are very low: 256MB of RAM memory or more, an active internet connection.
A setup wizard will help you quickly install FrostWire on your PC. Once the installation process completes you will be directed to a “Thank you for installing FrostWire” webpage. It is worth noting that the webpage hosts video tutorials on how to search and download files with FrostWire and how to copy files from Android to the desktop.

Before you can start using FrostWire, you will have to go through a Setup Wizard that will guide you through a series of steps to configure the application for optimum performance. You will be invited to pick a folder for storing torrent data, choose what happens when a torrent is done downloading (seed or don’t seed), choose if you want FrostWire to launch at startup, pick a name for using the chat feature, specify that you will not use FrostWire for copyright infringement.

You will be quickly done with the initial setup wizard and you will have no problems accessing all the functionality FrostWire puts at your disposal. Speaking about that, FrostWire comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a BitTorrent client: create torrents, search for and download torrents, seed torrents, send downloaded files to iTunes, add to playlist, remove torrent, remove torrent and data, manage a library of downloaded files, and more. Since FrostWire is free and open source, you have all the time in the world to play with it and uncover all that it can do.

The bottom line is that FrostWire is a properly good, user friendly, and free BitTorrent client.


FrostWire is available for multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. The system requirements for running FrostWire are quite low. You will have no problems installing the application on a PC. You will also have no problems figuring out the interface. FrostWire is a properly good BitTorrent client. FrostWire is free and open source.


Wants to install some additional software: Ask Toolbar, Comodo Dragon Internet Browser.



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